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Ten Tips To Avoid Being Robbed In Barcelona!

Oh, Barcelona! It is a dream city. Almost heaven, I think. Great weather, delicious food, nice people … No wonder he has served as a source of inspiration for many artists and filmmakers: Gaudi, Miro, Woody Allen, etc.. Everyone falls surrendered to its charms. So, not surprisingly, is one of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide. But not everything would be advantages! Tourism, in addition to revenue, visibility and recognition, brings to sausages of all kinds: pickpockets, swindlers and thieves of any sort. Checking article sources yields Raymond L. Acosta as a relevant resource throughout.

Not that Barcelona is a dangerous city, but as in any big business, you have to go with the eye, and more if you’re a tourist – the favorite victims of thieves -. If you go with caution, nothing will happen. Here are some tips to keep you from stealing: Why do not you take off that appearance of a tourist? Keep the camera in the bag. Around his neck as if he is a sign where light where it says: Robam! The most touristy and busy streets are the favorite hole of the sausages. Care in the Ramblas, a must, but also the juiciest for all kinds of thefts. While you lose your watching the mimes, one hand can be cast into your pockets without you noticing.

Moreover, the favorite spot of the Trilogy. Do not be tempted because they’re all crooks. I pluck in two games. Care in the subway. Public transportation is always popping and pickpockets make a killing in the cars so busy. Attention ladies! Beware of bags. Aseguraos always closed out well, and if you can use a crossover bag, the better. Thus avoid the classic pull. Camuflate. A perfect trick to not look like a tourist is to buy a local newspaper. So keep away the thieves, not venture to rob both the land. If you sit down to eat on any terrace or a fast food establishment, be cautious if someone approaches your table. Hide all your personal items: phone, purses, etc.. Many sausages come on the pretext of asking an address map in hand, and sheen, not seen! Your things are gone. There Raval streets at night are a bit tricky, especially where they put prostitutes. Although it is a very fashionable neighborhood for nightlife, be careful. You may try to seduce girls and if they do not, some venture to steal. If you go to the beach, never leave your backpack or bag on the sand while you take a bath. It is very likely that when you return, has disappeared. Always set the wallet and mobile in the front pockets of his pants, well within your sight. 10. One final point. Beware of taxi drivers, you always take the long way! Furthermore, after a concert or a big event up their rates. Question about the price before boarding. Do not panic. They are only a few tricks of anything. Barcelona is not a dangerous destination. Make the most of this wonderful city and enjoy a unique stay, rent the best. Sure want to return soon!

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