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Ready for Pregnancy?

First, do not worry much, if unplanned pregnancies happen – that is, before you have time to finished his last cigarette favorite liquor to drink, to pass all the tests and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you find that the offspring of haste and had already settled in the womb unprepared – do not worry. In the first ten days, the embryo is not attached to the uterine wall and has not joined the circulation of mother – so those harmful substances that fall into her blood (alcohol, drugs, etc.), the child does not arrive. Second, do not worry if you do not see the point in pregnancy planning and doing it only out of duty. Some physicians like once leery of couples who come to plan a pregnancy. After all, on the one hand, the desire to cure the infection potential and make the necessary vaccinations are very commendable.

But on the other – "but what are you so afraid?" – given in such cases the question of a clinic Family + Elena Pechnikova. Fear is unhealthy to conceive a child or did not conceive may mean for your family to something more than just a concern about possible problems. More Facebook – it is this fear can become a source of stress, which affects just on reproductive function in both men and women. And to begin with will have to detect and cure this fear (with faster and successfully cope psychologists), not some mysterious genetic abnormalities or Hidden terrible infection. Well, if you think about planning for pregnancy rather calmly, and just want to insure – it makes sense for 2-3 months before the alleged conception to see a specialist and get directions to the survey.

Ideal Body Weight

In order to understand the time for you to sit on the diet and whether you suffer from excess weight, to start to calculate your ideal body weight. It can be found on the basis of weight and height were women. It is assumed that if the growth of women subtract 110cm – this is her ideal weight. For example, if your height – 165cm, your ideal body weight 55kg. It is also assumed norm + – 5 kg. Many girls dream of universally accepted parameters: 90-60-90, but do not mistake that such options do not exist without a certain body type. After all, if a girl has, for example, thin build, then she would look at such settings beautifully. And if God gave a woman a broad and high bone growth, then these parameters will not look like that is not attractive, and even sad.

But if you present a few extra pounds, probably should go on a diet and do fitness. After all, except that the trim, slender woman looks beautiful, she is less likely to make heart disease, and endocrine system. There are plenty of diets for weight loss. But psychologists say that to withstand any of them until the end of may only 23% of all trying to eat "for science." Partially maintained a diet of 37% and the rest start and frustrated. Offer a few tips that will help sustain the dietary restrictions. In order to reduce feelings of hunger physiologists try to use aromatherapy. As soon as the feeling of hunger, hold the jar with scented oil or perfume to the nose. Because the hunger center and smell are close and have a mutual influence of each on the other.

Aroma of "scores" for some time the feeling of hunger. It is advisable to use the flower oil. If you are a sweet tooth and can not without cakes and sweets, then allow himself this, but not much. As sweets should not be a lot of fat, so it is best to choose sweets, marmalade or jelly. Would be appropriate to add honey to eat. Organism spends on the assimilation of honey a lot more energy than sugar.

Effective Diet

Any diet – a test for the organism. Many doctors believe that there is no harmless diet. There are dangers of this method of weight loss: Individual intolerance. The same diet may well help one person and hurt another. Adaptation of the organism. If the diet is used for too long, your body gets used to the new diet, as a consequence – slowing weight loss or cessation of weight loss. Potential harm to health, especially if you use the products are poor in protein, minerals and dietary fiber. Diets do not form the skills of a balanced diet, so when you stop 'dieting' overweight returns 90-95% of cases, often with a noticeable increase.

Strongly not recommended to lose weight, sit on weight loss diets for pregnant women, lactating women and adolescents, especially during puberty. This can cause irreparable damage to health! If you decide to go on a diet, follow these rules: Check with your doctor, nutritionist, it helps to choose the most effective for you diet. If you suffer from any chronic illness, consult your doctor – some diet you may be absolutely contraindicated. Try to choose a diet that includes foods that you love – you soak it easy, perhaps even with pleasure. Do not overdo it.

In any case, do not use diet, especially the 'tough', longer and more often than recommended. Do not reduce calories too much (women should consume no less than 1000-1200 calories per day, the men – 1700-2000). If the application of any weight loss diet you have noticeably deteriorated state of health, not to mention the occurrence (exacerbation) of any disease, discontinue use of this diet: for losing weight should not harm their health. Losing weight is easier than to keep the achieved results. After completion of the diet is not 'hop off', do not eat everything and to satiety, and smoothly, gradually increasing the volume and calorie food, go to a normal balanced diet.