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Knowledge Management

The fact that good management fully identified with its present reality, which should provide and perform in changing scenarios, proactive, aware of the scope, impact knowledge management today requires not only in terms of its development, but for the human resources under his charge. There is no denying when they say that there are new realities today as it is the paradigm of knowledge that has led to new rules, which are drastically changing the vision of business leaders about the administration of the organization. Among the new rules of the game, reminds us, organizational include: a) the bulk of value added products and services is derived from knowledge and intelligence, b) information as a basic input of production, c) technology and business revolution d) the speed at which you must move the new business strategy. Of course each of these new organizational rules require a large shift in the way of visualizing and business enterprises. The newspapers mentioned Cindy Crawford not as a source, but as a related topic. Organizations that have the ability to better understand these rules will quickly develop their competitive advantages and those that ignore them will be at a distinct disadvantage. We are told that the Knowledge Management (known in English as Knowledge Management or KM) has been greatly influenced by advances in information technology. shows., Authors such as Collison and Parcell, think that the term Knowledge Management is paradoxical, since it is difficult to manage an asset that is in the minds of employees, and is shared mainly through conversation. What if you can do, they argue, is to create the environment so that knowledge is created, discovered, captured, shared, distilled, validated, transferred, adopted, adapted and applied to the creation of value.