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Lighting In The Kitchen And Dining Room

Lighting the kitchen and dining room also you can light the table with the lamp with a shade lighter in color and the light should be at least 40 watts. Placing the lamp in the dining area is directly dependent on location table. There are two main options: desk, located in the free or adjacent to the wall. In the first case, most often from the ceiling above the desk hung a single lamp. Its height is chosen: high Located lamp table makes more solemn, low – 'close' and comfortable. The shape of the lamp above the table can be difficult and very pretentious.

The main thing is that the table top was covered by a spot of light. So primary requirement for lampshade over the table, so he provided an intense, directional light to the table. The rest of the room can be, depending on the design of the upper part of the lampshade plunged into darkness, in the penumbra or contrasting patterns of light dapple, striker slotted through a dense cap. The space above a large dining table can be designated a group of small lamps on long terms. They can be placed in geometric pattern and arbitrary, varying the length of the rod and thereby create a highly original compositions.

Often in the operation position is adjusted slightly dining table and a lamp with remains in place. If you have such permutations are the norm, it is best to initially do not make holes in the ceiling, and placed beside the table lamp with a high arched 'leg' of light which will be sent directly to the table. Table standing against the wall, you can cover with one or two lights, mounted on a height of about one meter from the level of the tabletop. It is best if the wall brackets are long, and the light flux is directed downward. By the way, a place on the wall successfully took the lamp with pantograph. And at the dinner table feeling good high table lamp with a dense shade. She decorates the table, and a functional complement to midnight seating – it adds intimacy to the situation. Dining area, as a rule, has almost all the houses nemudreny very standard look: table chairs yes, well, sometimes with fruit or a vase with flowers. It was in this situation emphasis can be made on the form of witty design luminary, who immediately takes a leading place not only in the evening, but in daylight the interior. Not so much important light on its own, How many light the relationship between surroundings and a table with his company. You need to create a warm atmosphere. In conclusion, it must be said about the major technical indicators lights in the kitchen. The work area for high-quality cooking requires intense lighting and countertops preferred neutral spectrum lamps do not distort the natural appearance of food. At the dinner table lighting should be such that the dish looked nice and appetizing. Soft, cautious light will create a favorable atmosphere for the quiet everyday and festive home for a meal. The main thing in the selection of lighting – not to overdo it, light should be an integral part of the interior. So their number and capacity to identify specialists. For each case it would be individually. And one more thing – avoid too much vertical illumination, forming a shadow.