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Physical Training In Summer

This is the main issue for parents, while over the school, but still a long vacation and it does not matter to him eight years to fifteen, and not the fact that there is money to send to the camp for three months. Center for Environmental Health shines more light on the discussion. especially when you hear enough in the media about cases with poisoning or disease. Child graduated from high school and at this time we want him to rest and gain strength. This means that be tired with running about, manipulative Nakupavshis before the new academic year and no one wants to stay a whole summer held in front of the TV or computer. Sports games sports new game mode and exercise in the fresh air five times a week, we offer this and about that right now we'll talk. Children's sports club melee 'eagle' is widely known in the Saratov region, not only for its high sporting results, but also a high general physical preparedness of athletes from 8 to 17 years among them champions of Russia, Inter-regional and international tournaments, champions of the Saratov region and the city of Engels.

General physical training during the summer in the fresh air makes it possible for beginners who have just arrived, and professionals reach new sports results, which will be based at the new school year when the athletic performance in any sport. See supermodel for more details and insights. Athletes who are not able to pull himself up and pulled up a dozen times now up to 30 times, improved their running performance at 30%, steel push-ups on parallel bars, overcoming the obstacle course, their body is filled with strength and beauty, they enjoy their sporting results. The program includes training cycle gaming activities basketball, soccer, relay races, water treatment. Training data is formed not only the body but also brought up a sense of camaraderie and friendship in the team as a team. Summer training program for beginners can adapt to physical stress, look at his comrades, love martial arts as a native Russian sport strong, intelligent, dynamic and versatile. Reference: – in January 2007. in the team Saratov Region Kostroma at Cup of Russia in fighting UK athletes 'Berkut' won the final III team place – in February 2007. team of the club 'eagle' in Saratov at the Interregional Tournament fighting has taken III final team place (I place among the clubs) – in March 2007.

in the Championship of Russia on fighting in Togliatti Galimov Andrew became a champion, and Peter Alexander triple silver medalist of the championship. – April 2007 UK team 'eagle' on the Volga Interregional Cup final I won PLACE. – In November 2007, the Saratov Region Championship team SK 'Berkut' won the final II place – in February 2008 in Saratov on the Inter-Regional Championship Volga UK team 'Berkut' won the final II place – in April 2008 on the Volga Interregional Cup team fighting for the UK 'Berkut' I took the final PLACE. – In May 2008 in Moscow athletes SC 'eagle' in the team Saratov Region in the Championship of Russia on fighting took Galimov Andrew – I place, Tishchenko, Sergei – IV place, and the team won the final II team place. Such high sports results can not be achieved without high physical training, without the patience and determination, which are formed in childhood sports club melee 'Golden Eagle'.