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Group – a small model of our life with complicated intra-relationships and many of the features or limitations of our clients are especially noticeable in this group. In addition, there are problems that need to be solved only in the group. Strategic planning in the company's top team – managers. Senator From Kentucky does not necessarily agree. Plan for business development with two or more owners. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gunnar Peterson. Conflicts in the department of the company.

At the same time, individual work involves more deep study of issues, more personal work. And the financial aspect – individual coaching session, of course, will cost you more. I answered the question? GE: By the way, what is coaching? How it arose? M.Sh.: Coaching originated in By working together wise teacher and a talented student. The teacher noticed that a well formulated questions to help students quickly achieve the goal. Not limited to foreign advice, student moving forward with interest and energy. And – most importantly – he found his own unique solutions. This, you see, is skill. Through coaching student has reached such a success that did not expect neither he nor his teacher.

The ancestor of coaching called John Whitmore, a businessman and consultant. I often refer to Socrates and his dialogues. GE: Do you often say "inspiration." Does such a term is appropriate in working with businesspeople? M.Sh.: Inspiration – translation of the word empowermwnt. One of the hallmarks of empowerment coaching – inspire the client to the "exploits". You can do it if you really want to do it! Tools that help achieve the goal of a support to help the client to believe in themselves, in their capabilities. It may seem that the coach is a positive Granddaddy, which shines a wise eye and smiled encouragingly at his mustache. In fact, this is a professional coach his ability to see and understand the situation, which operates a customer, its possibilities and limitations. And the determination to give customers the opportunity to consider this reality. We call it "convey to the client responsibility." A sometimes requires courage of a coach – stay close to customers in the hardest moments of his "epiphany." The different case. I think in business there is a place for inspiration – themselves, their customers, employees, and even its leadership is important able to inspire the adoption of interesting solutions for you. That's why we offer a program "COACHING tool in Human Resources" is not just HR managers and coaches. But the managers of the enterprises. You can ask your Marina SHORETS issue by writing to Questions and answers will be published on the website of the Centre "TrenerPROFI"