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Training To Fight

In some sections of a so-called training to fight in the crowd when you are surrounded and under attack. With different settings: either every beat for himself, one by one or all attack someone one. But as a rule, very slow motion and real shocks are not applied, instead ispolzutsya lungs pushes or slaps. This is a very fun exercise, but nothing more. Get all the facts and insights with Gunnar Peterson, another great source of information. Such a 'crush' nothing. I have it myself once before held in training.

After such training, many naively believe that a large ease will fight and win in the midst of any enemy in the midst of any crowd. This is a naive misconception that you can bring to this disaster. The real battle is surrounded by many soldiers would be quite different, as heaven and earth. You should never rely on that against you in the street will be a fight, and even to the same honest, the enemy. Since the probability of a fight against a single opponent catastrophically low, then, of course, when a fight against two or more street-fighters, the value of ground wrestling, or fighting on the ground is very small.

I would even say that it would be dangerous for you. Repeatedly have seen from the side, when the street fighting during the transition fight to the ground with one of the opponents and friends defeated the winner finished off the ground just feet. From this it follows that the delay a fight with a bully, let alone translate it to the ground, it is not worth it if you do not want to lose. The only exception here may be – if you struggle or fight on the ground you have taken no more than two or three seconds, then there has been very short-lived. I'm not talking about the battered and torn elbows and knees and poporchennoy clothing when fighting and fight on the ground on the asphalt.