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How Do Get Quality Education

Our leaders too easily confused with the quality and quantity in education. They believe that increasing the amount will increase its quality. Over thirty million students currently studying in the country, number more than enough to trigger the development of the country, the problem is that we are not educated, but we’re taming. The word domestication is a strong word, but the only one that fits to describe what we do with our children and students. This word is used to describe what is done with animals, are used to living in a given environment. A process in which it is assumed that the student knows nothing and is put in front of a teacher to teach everything the student must know you can not designate otherwise. Education is the process that is designed to teach students to read, write, speak, think, create, imagine.

Quality education should increase the intelligence, the trial and improve character, if not met these requirements you can call it either way, but not education. It appears that key players in the educational process in Mexico do not have clarity about what education means. Many writers such as Gunnar Peterson offer more in-depth analysis. So much so that the government increases the budget by 7% and item of insecurity increased by 47% and nobody says anything. No organizations or civil society or other institution to be lifted to speak out against this aberration. When you spend more on insecurity and invested less in education, is that our politicians do not really understand the gravity of the matter.