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There may be a person with a high level of information, But if you have a low emotional level, it will surely fail in everything what you undertake, on the other hand, if there is a person with a low level of information, but with a high emotional level, you will probably have success because it is emotion is what really drives to know and do things. Nobody knows absolutely everything you must know to succeed in life, that is something oneself should go discovering through a proper education and I believe that with these four materials can be students to find their own path in life. Through these courses you can set that other subjects should be considered not to be missed along the way. This time is so much information that it is absolutely impossible to acquire it whole by which is one bound to be much more selective with the information for their own training. This is just an idea for a comprehensive educational reform, which since you can start applying from the personal sphere. For any critique, preg is a graduate in journalism, has a master’s degree in teaching and awareness Historical, he has written in several major newspapers in the city of Mexico, he has published five books and many others for publishing, there are numerous articles on him on the net. Related blogs Ernesto Yerena: to rising grassroots artistic force Race-Talk driving motorcycles, motorcycles (1) driving physics, Physics (2) goodbye, Ernesto Seattle Sportsnet Lamban relies on the establishment of new companies to combat how much money big companies Blog with injection of MORAL for aspiring to SCREENWRITER have in the Bank creativity and the educational system at Bloguionistas Toni Mascaro Blog Barcelona UPDATE: LiberalOC Lawsuit against Art Pedroza MEXICO. Refocusing the growth, creativity and leadership .