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The coast of Liguria is a tourist region of Italy that surprises by its colorful landscapes: dramatic cliffs where colorful towns climb, like the marine towns of Cinque Terre. Or that you cross the coast in car or train, you will have to face the inclined slopes that will take to you until the isolate towns the more, but the effort or is worth the pain. To visit the small towns of the environs of the main cities will offer the opportunity you to taste the flavors of the authentic Italian gastronomy and to know the wealth the cultural premises. In clear resistance, cities like Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Manarola are very popular destinies for tourists of all Europa.Si you want to know more on the history and art of the coast of Liguria, you can contract tour thematic that will take to you to know the fascinating architecture the region, from the first Roman vestiges to constructed medieval castles on stone cliffs. Besides beautiful landscapes, Liguria offers innumerable options for the practice of nautical sports in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, whereas smallest they can be amused hunting natural marine anemones in pozas.

Crossing territories of the interior also you will discover why the region is famous by its footpaths of trekking, the perfect occasion for relajarte far from the jammed tourist destinies and tomarte the time to appreciate the natural beauty of the north of Italy Often forgotten by the tourists that visit Rome, Venice or Pisa, Liguria is a magnificent destiny to discover hidden treasures, for that reason in your next trip to Italy it takes advantage of the numerous supplies car rental in Genoa so that you can visit fascinating destinies like Cinque Terre, Rapallo, Portofino, Portovenere, the Spezia and Chiavari with total freedom. If you own more time, also you will be able to follow way until other wonderful destinies of Italy like Pisa, distant to few kilometers of Genoa Or that you are of step or visit by Genoa, the city offers manifolds options so that you know the more on its culture, its history and his gastronomy, from fascinating museums of art and elegant restaurants to small full bars of popular enchantment. For your next trip in Italy, it consults in Internet the numerous options of car rental in Genoa to undertake an unforgettable adventure by the colorful coast of Liguria.