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European Championship Wrestling

Major Russian Armed Forces. Younger brother Adam Saitiev – World champion and 2000 Olympic Games. He lives in and Krasnoyarsk. Married. Son Abdulrahim – less than six months. Source Buvaisar site (in red tights) * Buvaisar Saitiev: On my participation in the Olympics-2008 is too early (2008) (2007) Russia exposes the optimal of the European Championship Wrestling * Buvaisar Saitiev: "I was sure that I win." (2008) * Buvaisar Saitiev: 'I have long ceased to exercise' (2006) * Buvaisar site again became a father (2008) * In the final championship of Russia Saitiev Murtazaliev won. (2008) * newborn son gives strength Buvaisar Saytievu * Buvaisar SITE: 'I still Extortions! " * Article: It does not break my past * Buvaisar Site.

Again champion and father * (2008) Buvaisar site: "The whole championship wanted to fight, both in the finals, but could not * (2008) Buvaisar Saitiev: the easy way will not lead to great success Buvaisar Saitiev (right) Buvaisar Saitiev vs Murtazaliev Buvaisar Saitiev: 'I'll think about London after Beijing, "As we have already reported 'FE', the double Olympic champion Buvaisar Saitiev has won the championship of Russia in St. Petersburg, making for more than a weighty bid for the right to represent our country at the Beijing Games. For the winner's photo Games Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Buvaisar Saytieva championship in St. Petersburg was the last opportunity to break into his fourth Games. Over the past year Saitiev lost twice its main rival for Olympic ticket Murtazaliev.