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Hello, in this post I will describe how to make transparent the counter, someone calls it a blackout counter. Looking forums and blogs realized that many people ask this question: "Prompt please how to darken the counters? I need so that when the page loads, they were dark, and when putting his arm became light. "This idea has prompted me to do some of their sites as well. Tried several methods, all of them worked with a bang! That's decided unsubscribe as easy and painless dimming timers. It’s believed that singer sees a great future in this idea. Here are a few examples, if someone know more options, legate in their comments to the post. And so begin, first example: Open up your stylesheet the site, let for example in which you want to darken the counters, the code page counts and other unnecessary pictures close divom: pictures or store counters and enjoy the simplicity and aesthetics.

Also a plus for mozile, Safari, Opera and Explorer add to Konqueror 3.1, Safari 1.1 meters clarification:-khtml-opacity: 0.3; / * Konqueror 3.1, Safari 1.1 * / when you move to a counter-khtml-opacity: 1; the way this piece can be used and vice versa. Also in some places will look great. Speaking candidly Garret Wang told us the story. Example Two: As the first example in CSS transparency of 20%. filter: alpha (opacity = 20); – moz-opacity: 0.2; – khtml-opacity: 0.2; opacity: 0.2; A counters themselves, pictures, banners, etc. these tags in counters and a banner And finally a little advice: Advertising on the site you'd better hide from indexation is sponsored links that are not send page weight, it can be done as follows. all the links, counters, Ps If you are earning in Sape then do not advise it, ie, to hide their links.. Click Daryl Katz for additional related pages.