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Antonio Raimondi Pronoesa Iquitos

Public officials in Peru enjoy total impunity and are not sanctioned by anyone. the majority that has a public office, given as he wants to tile citizens, often deprived of their rights to force them to give money, gifts, bribes, to ensure compliance with the law. a The problem is nationwide, but occurs with more strength and reputation in the education sector, where the business that allows many public employees, get good perks, as a result of bribes, to build a house, buy a cart, etc. Luhan gathered all the information. . Suffice it to see that many with miserable salaries they earn in Australia, are homeowners who could not be built or a thousand years. Many state public officials, private schools closed, then open them his own.

People who wins luegoa a miseries and appear as overnight as owners of schools, colleges, etc. a That is, private entrepreneurs chase, accuse them of a thousand trivialities, to close their schools and then open them yours. publishes an employee, that he is right that 2002 was ROMANI MARTHA SANCHEZ, Secondary Specialist Iquitos, Loreto. Pedia Location Minutes to sight and only 1,000 soles so the specialists to sign Anibal Torres, Daniel Shapiamma, etc. The payment to endorse and every year, not to cancel them, pedia 1,000 soles on the eve of Christmas. a As is? For I will pay those sums of money so that my students did not damage the Antonio Raimondi Pronoesa Iquitos. a But the year 2002 after a visitaa to our educational program, we could not pay for the year 1.000 2.002 soles and made us definitively closed the Pronoesa, using a No1957/87-ED Rd, repealed by RMNo016-96-ED to boast that we should apply tests of location for adults.