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Natural Harmony

Van Gogh had a special predilection for, particularly in the last years of his crisis. Elimination of toxins, balance the nervous system, release of fears and tensions, happiness, self-confidence. It stimulates the brain and memory. So anger very well for depression and anxiety, because it clarifies thought. Orange: Optimistic and relaxing. If you are not convinced, visit supermodel.

We recommend the orange to decorate the rooms of young people. It is also ideal for cooking because it is a cheerful color and anti-fatigue. For nervous exhaustion and decay, release of trauma and deep shoks, raises the laughter and joy. Rejuvenating the skin and sensitive skin care, venous tonic. It confers, peace and emotional balance. Green: Relaxing and soothing. According to some designers, the green color evokes the past life, something that was alive once … A totally green room may become totally inactive, so we should complement it.

On the other hand, my friend gives me the impression that we out abroad, which helps us feel closer to nature, to paint only one leaves, twigs, floral perfumes, aroma of pine or similar and you feel living in the country. At its refreshing and revitalizing therapy, relaxes the mind, nerves and losmusculos, balances the senses and heal the pains of love bringing a sense of peace and harmony. Vides mental clarity, success and prosperity. Purifying the airways. Blue: Refreshing, healing and calming. Used in a room, the color blue produces a sedative effect. It is highly recommended for asthmatics or those with poor health. Not for nothing is the color that is used in hospitals, spas and health centers.