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Safe Pafragliding

The man always wanted to learn to fly. We are fortunate to be born if this dream has come true! Maybe not all of you have seen movies or videos with the indicative paragliding. Without the efforts of pilots of paragliders come off slope and soar high into the sky. Are you still torturing envy, or you've never dreamed of flying? Flying in absolute silence, do not get muffled roar of the engine. Floating at the bottom of the earth Standing on firm ground, the flight of the glider looks incredibly beautiful. But it feels a pilot, so if all is as well as it looks from the outside? Unfortunately, to paragliding has become a safe sport, died and broke a lot of people. All know that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Do not be silly mouse. Remember that learning paragliding, if possible, be held in a paragliding club. And getting the glider, and other equipment – not attempt to save money and do not forget to consult with more experienced pilots. Let's not forget who we are and what impinges! You fly the glider with a small roller coaster, rides his friends in tandem and willingly agree to run them in first solo flight. You can proudly consider yourself a professional, because flying the glider has a whole year. And so many people think. Do not forget that it depends on you health and life of the person you learn to fly on paraglider.

And those who are trying to learn on their own or from a friend who flies for a year, I propose to search the Internet describe the various paragliding accidents. Most of the reasons why pilots paragliders injuries can be reduced to poor training or to an overestimation of their abilities. Now remember my first flight and count how many times you were lucky to stay alive? Do not look for what is to you did not happen. Of course, there are many excellent pilots and paragliders, who learned to fly the glider yourself from your mistakes. But ask them, and I'm sure most will tell you that they simply lucky. And if they had a choice, they would have gone to study in the club, to professional trainers. It is not necessary to accept the offer to learn to fly a couple of hours, only on the grounds that he has proposed, in your (as yet unprofessional opinion) well knows how to fly. And if you still got the glider for a few hundred dollars, before trying to fly on it, try to at least show it to an experienced pilot, and ask his opinion. When we stand on the ground, we feel. calm – this is our standard of living space. But when man tries to fly the glider, for him are much more stringent laws, insubordination threatened serious injury. Learn from experienced pilots, buy a good, expensive gliders and flew them high and secure! Clean your palate!

If Sweaters Rubbed Elbows

First, the disposal of the sleeve seam and pulling the thread over the damaged site, you can re-connect the bottom of the sleeves, adding yarn. If the yarn of different color, in the form of strips or one large, or contact the new extended cuffs. Secondly, try decorative patches, they look like a well thought-out finishing hosiery and can be made of soft leather (eg, gloves), or of cloth drape. In these cases, the patch is better to sew thick beautiful cotton or silk thread obmetochnym seam. Funny looking patches of calico or variegated satin round, oval, triangular, heart-shaped, apple, pear. Sew them better on a machine stitch 'zigzag', placing on the reverse of soft tissue. In the interest of songs you can put decorative patches and healthy place.

Third, the patch can be seamlessly engage the spokes, if there is such a yarn. To pretend that this is not a patch, but just a decorative element, is placed 3.2 of colored squares or rectangles on the bodice. Sharp scissors cut out the worn-out place to get a square or rectangle. Pull the thread ends trimmed from the top and the lower part until it will seem even rows of open loops above and below. The tip of the needle being divided into 3 loops on each side of both the upper and lower part of the section. The upper loop with an additional 6 loops assemble a large safety pin, and the lower – on needle. On each side of the cut formed in the free edge, which must bend to wrong side and quietly will attach there. Now connect the thread and start to knit a patch. Do it is desirable to the same pattern. When the length Sewn piece reaches the top loops, tear off the thread, leaving 25-30 cm, Pass it to the needle and connect the loop patches and the upper edge of the horizontal incision knit stitch, and the side edges connect the invisible vertical seam. Patch-related such as yarn, almost unnoticeable.