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Introduction Venezuela at present required to reactivate its entrepreneurial system that suffers from major weaknesses, especially the SMEs where many have closed, claudicados, others, are maintained at a very high cost, with very little productivity, all within a very turbulent scenario, due to the actions of a Government identified with what has been called 21st century socialism. Ideology that has not been used the Venezuelan, less the business sector. The current Government through his actions, has significantly influenced in the operability of the companies due to the restrictions that many suffer, consequence of restrictions, limitations, taxes, difficulty to acquire raw materials and threat of being privatized, among others. For even more details, read what David Dudley Dowd Jr. says on the issue. We consider, that it is necessary to protect SMEs, provide you with the help you require, especially, in which concerning us training, knowledge and administrative tools needed to meet the challenges and make way for transformations changes, ensuring operability. Key words management, weaknesses, reach, knowledge, productivity basics General his name seems that it originates in the translation of Small Business (small businesses). It is known that starting the Decade of the seventies of the last century, an explosion of absorption of Small Business, and mergers originated in the United States to grow companies, which forced to issue legal and accounting standards of takeovers and mergers (Acquisitions and Mergers). Also originated the professional specialization in Small Business.

In some Latin countries also had impact. The law that serves as the Legal framework for SMEs, defines the parameters within which falls every entrepreneurial stratum. The majority of countries covered double parameter for each stratum. Some countries dominated by one of the two. Categories of SMEs, ranging from two to five strata. The main parameters in monetary values are (a) total assets, (b) total assets, (c) social capital, (d) the total annual sales, and (e) the total value of the project. The value is determined in local currency or in function of the equivalent of local currency in minimum monthly wages, in dollars or in euros.