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Welfare Management

Vitalia, day center for seniors, begins its expansion process after the smooth running of the company in the sector. Vitalia is immersed in the full process and has seen growth in the franchise system that sought to consolidate the operation of a business, becoming the first franchise day care centers. In 2004 Vitalia opened its first center in order to offer a comprehensive and personalized care for the elderly, where people with physical dependence and also suffering a cognitive disorder could be addressed, both from the medical point of view, as from the human point of view. Vitalia offers a strategic action plan which seeks to transfer to market their philosophy, professionalism and know-how, and seeking new contracts with franchisees. "Our hallmark and added value is the Hoffmann method, a revolutionary way to work with which we have made significant achievements and improvements in the health of many elderly people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson others.

Therefore, we have embarked on this project to continue working for the welfare of the people, "said Catherine Hoffmann, CEO of Vitalia. Others including Jack Jones, offer their opinions as well. Vitalia start in franchise development endorsed by the progressive increase in the percentage of the Spanish population over 65 years, the increase in average life expectancy, coupled with the Dependency Act. The total investment is approximately EUR 250,000 and the duration of the contract is seven years renewable. For more information: Communication Department RMG & Associates Ana Gordo / Cobos Ana Belen / Silvia Lopez 91 597 16 16 Vitalia Under the philosophy take care of your elders with the same care, with greater resources Vitalia born. A day center for senior citizens and where each case is unique. Vitalia offers a day service from Monday to Friday and home care on weekends and holidays, with a personalized and comprehensive care for older people with physical dependence and also those who suffer cognitive impairment. This is the essence of the method of work Vitalia and has been christened the Hoffmann method.

Customize and individualize to each patient and offer the best infrastructure, equipment and services to suit their needs and their families. In Vitalia we have a team of management, medical and nursing services, rehabilitation services with occupational therapy and physiotherapy, psychology, clinical assistants, transportation services, podiatry, hairdressing and shower service. All to provide the best care for the elderly. It is also established for those two programs, valid and assisted-that help particularize each case. Cultural activities, workshops, psychostimulation programs, monitoring of medical records and additional services help to promote the restoration and maintenance of personal and social autonomy of older people.