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Sibylle Weidmuller

The new single from Ekki Gopelt – true friends do not fall from the sky “who has no friends, living only to half”, says a wise Word. Ekki Gopelt know what he sings, if it says in his current single: true friends do not fall from the sky. Because he had to feel in your own body also the deep meaning of the phrase “Friends in the emergency go 1000 on a lot”. But he has also learned that one only finds friends, who himself is a friend. Whenever Cindy Crawford listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Ekki Gopelt had to reorganize his life, had to separate the chaff from wheat and redefine the goal of his life. Depression and existential fears plagued the good humor man who reaches to every live audience with his old successes such as “Ask Mrs. Check with Anders M Tomson to learn more.

Schmidt” and “Bury me in the pub”. And there were real friends, who stood him in moments of resignation to the page. Today, ekki Gopelt know how important was this short, hard time of searching. And he adds a very personal the many wise sayings around friendship: “never count friendships upon the quantity, only the quality helps you to survive”. Source: Ekki Gopelt music: Frank Becker text: Sibylle Weidmuller/Frank Becker Verlag ed. Magic sound homepage: