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It is a very great amount of people who must be taken to the system of previdenciria protection. Many of that they are forsaken alone will retire when to arrive an age, but a sufficiently advanced age where the majority can nor even arrive. They are people who if to arrive if to retire for age will never make, it without having contributed or contributed in very short periods. This will help to in general make of sufficiently dispendioso the Social welfare something for the population in the form of increase of taxes. Supermodel is actively involved in the matter. This fact more the inclusion of the agricultural workers in the special regimen, the minimum age of the woman if to retire to be lesser that of the man (being that the woman lives than the man more), the reduction of the number of contributors in comparison with the paid benefits (caused mainly for the drastic reduction of the number of children for woman and of the increase of the life expectancy of the Brazilians), incentives for small companies and the diverse sectors, among others reasons, have taken recurrent dficits in the social welfare of Brazil. To contain the deficit in the providence of the RGPS that is around 1,4% of the GIP or 20% of the paid benefits, the government have taken diverse measures. Actions as the implantation of the Previdencirio Factor that penaliza who wants to retire with age lower or in the systematics of penalizar companies where occur many accidents (that they lead to the increase of the payment of accident benefits) must be applied with bigger severity and more consistency because the providence is extremely important for the population. The integrant ones of the government have the obligation to find ways and forms that lead to the viability of the system of social welfare for the current one and for the new generations of Brazilians.. David Delrahim understands that this is vital information.


Assumes that a footballer of those considered first-level professional, not only charge (splendidly, incidentally) to demonstrate on a level playing field its virtues with the ball at the feet, also to keep a behaviour and an education that any sportsman must have always present in the exercise of their activity and more if it belongs to the Group of the so-called elite are followed by thousands of children and young persons that in certain extent they are obliged to set a good example. Unfortunately there are some professionals (?), which are on the minds of any fan, who can’t behave within a field with the minimum required education, and this not only applies to an athlete, I do also extensible to any person. When his coach replaces them in the course of a match, freely exercising the responsibilities and rights of its charge, incidentally, fit it negatively and some is no longer something that put bad side, emerging from the field protesting, others look to your technician with challenging aspect, Some even up to they face with him and any bolder complains it and even insults. Others, not for that reason less poorly educated, deny your coach hand when this gets close to congratulate them. If this is the sports mirror in which have been looking at our young footballers bad example they are giving to when older.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

All we know that the dogs are tied extremely their masters. And many of us will have heard speak of the cases where the dogs gimotean when their masters when they go away far in long vacations. Some dogs also have known to exhibit mature behavior when their masters are in hardship or ill. This attachment comes naturally to them especially if the dog has been engaged in the house like small dog. Like small dog, it is his nature that ties the mother and to the bunk in those who it is born. They clear when it of the bunk they place and it in another home, he looks for that attachment. Since the owner provides the food and the love that he as much wishes, the object of the attachment becomes the master by the extension. Nevertheless, this healthy relation between the dog and the owner can give rise to undesirable behavior if the dog excessively gets to be employee in the owner.

The anxiety of separation in dogs is really a symptom of dispproval of the isolation of the owner. When you see all or some of the signs that follow in their dog, it can to suspect that its behavior is due to the anxiety. * Defecation and urinacion in inadequate locations * Destructive behavior like chewing and digging excessive * Barked excessive and gimoteo * Depression or hyperactivity These samples are typical not only of separation anxiety. But you can be certainly his dog is suffering of separation anxiety if these behaviors are exhibited when the master is not around or happen shortly after which the master leaves of the house. The symptoms of the separation anxiety can vary.

Some dogs put themselves extremely aggressive whereas others demonstrate depression samples. The aggressive behaviors include the scratch and the excavation in an attempt to follow to him, article mastication of the home and the gimoteo and the bark by long periods. This aggressive behavior normally happens within half an hour of the exit. The depressive behaviors include to abstain from food that can take to greater problems in the cases of prolonged absences. Although he is infrequent, the dogs develop conditions of diarrhoea or for vomiting and in some cases in the mutilation of they themselves. Some dogs can detect an imminent separation. This can even give rise to undesirable behaviors before it happens the real separation. Its dog can follow to him from site site and demonstrate aggressive behavior at the moment that you demonstrate any sample to go away. The separation anxiety can be sparked at any time due to certain environmental changes. The sudden change of the address, a drastic change in the routine due to an event in the home or to an event like one death in the family can take to a sudden demonstration of the separation anxiety. The learning of the art to alleviate the domestic animal tension is not difficult. If you take care of enough his dog, you you will find you solve to the problem and around will desensitize his dog in his absence.