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Meckatzer Lowenbrau

“Selection of 12 images of Sonthofener photographer Lala Aufsberg demonstrates the Allgau woman’s life in the years 1935-1950 Heimenkirch – with the Jahrweiser 2009 images of women” the Meckatzer Lowenbrau finished the trilogy of Lala Aufsberg calendar. The idea for the calendar arose from its own brewery history: Lena Weiss, Urahnin the Meckatzer Lowenbrau had written the crucial chapter in the history of the family brewery, in the 1853 common acquired brewery after the death of her husband a very exceptional in that time step for a woman continued it. With their courage, their energy and their social commitment, she is still model for the medium-sized company reason enough to dedicate the Jahrweiser Allgau women 2009. Photographic documents of different women with twelve motifs of Lichtbildnerin Lala Aufsberg from the years 1935-1950 is a non-cliched image of the Reichert middle of the previous century traced. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sharon McNally and gain more knowledge.. There are images of different women shown modern, young, old, connected home, athletic, active, which all have in common, the Allgau are connected.

The calendar shows neither snapshots nor individual character portraits. The shots are staged in the best sense, putting the lives of Allgauerinnen in scene. No motive is personal, the photographer Lala Aufsberg keeps observational distance. So the photographs to time documents, where we can read off how much home and society shape us and how we are are marked each and every individual. Then as it is today. Sources Note: The Meckatzer Jahrweiser can for 10 + shipping (5 euro thereof go to the register of emergency) on Internet at, heading shop or at the phone number 08381-504-250 prepay be ordered.