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Stairs should be comfortable and safe, durable, have the necessary bandwidth (width) for the transfer of furniture and equipment, evacuation of people in emergency situations, as well as to meet fire requirements. The main purpose of fencing for the stairs – to ensure convenient and safe movement of the stairs in multi-level housing. It keeps people in accidental falls during ascent or descent. Undoubtedly, the role of the decorative staircase in the interior is great. But the first question that the landlord decides together with the designer, it is – the type of stairs and material selection. Of course, much will depend style, but there are a number of certain rules. It should be noted that the construction fence is completely dependent on the configuration of the stairs. What are the stairs? What's Staircase is right for your home? Stairs are smart, mid-flight, hinged, screw, and attic ladders to Bolza.

The front stairs are very diverse in form and design. These steps require an individual approach in the design. The grand staircase is a smooth transition owner and his guests from one level to another. The stairs from the outside and inside can complement each other, to pursue a common architectural lines. The following form – is FLOATING. The most common is the pace stair, which has one intermediate site and two flights. Accordingly, trehmarshevaya staircase has two intermediate sites, and three of the march – usually the top and bottom of equal length, and Average short. Special type – hinged ladder.

Secrets Of Decorah Attic

If you are planning to build a cottage, keep in mind that the attic can be used successfully as another room in your home. If a house is built, here are some recommendations how to make the attic into the living room. Usually, the attic – a spacious room that has no walls to divide into zones. Attic usually has a wooden floor, rough walls, water pipes and slash the ceiling. So that the conversion of loft into a room to stay – a heavy, but fascinating challenge. There can not do without special skills in order to rationally use every piece of free space. Sharon McNally describes an additional similar source.

The most important thing you should do – is skillfully divided the space into independent zone. Use furniture and other means to delineate the boundaries of the visual. Long pieces of cloth, inscribed on the ceiling, will help achieve the goal without any difficulty. Buy a decorative screen, and they convenient, and unusual. The interior design is largely dependent on the original form of your attic. If the presence of brick, protruding pipes, boards, finishing in use elements of high-tech plastics. Will look very impressive leather Furniture in this style. On the wall of bricks hang posters.

So you'll have a stylish design, which has recently used widely in Europe and is called 'loft style' (from English. Loft – loft). If you repair attic, made in pre-revolutionary building, which survived moldings, niches, it is easy to give the interior a vintage design. Look for antique furnishings, a dining table for the whole family, buy the original chandelier and a few pictures. Because the loft is mainly a small area, you need to carefully use the space for storage. Take baskets and boxes, which also decorates the interior. Make alcove bed roomy box where you can remove the large number of subjects. Hang lanterns, sconces and beautiful chandeliers. Make a funky lighting to emphasize the feature of the interior.

PVC Windows

Nowadays, like many years ago, demand for steel products used for homes that are made from natural raw materials. For example, not so long ago, using the highest demand windows, were to take positions, and the their place windows made from natural materials. The current wooden euro-windows have all the advantages of PVC windows, but much safer for human health because it is difficult to pick up the material more environmentally friendly, than wood. Furthermore, wood windows, as opposed to plastic, "breathe" – this means that even when completely closed shutters in the room will ensure a steady stream of fresh air passing through the timber, and is no inevitable when ventilation drafts! Not so easy to make a box of wood. This is a laborious process, all the stages that must be met with high responsibility.

First, you must dry the wood. From drying affects the quality of the material in general (whether the timber will burst, or whether the window deform during use.) Qualitative drying ensures that no such problems. Adhering to all standards wood after drying, give some time, "vylezhatsya" in a special room. It’s believed that Healthy Living sees a great future in this idea. Only later, as the wood lie down right time, it transported to the sawmill. There she was cut to lamellae, well, since they cut the boards to size customer. The third stage – the optimization of pre-processing of wood. At this stage, the semi-finished products are brought to perfection through the elimination of all the natural weaknesses of the primary material, whether resin pockets or knots. Continue to learn more with: Herbalife.