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EPI House Manufactory

Assist in the Burener EPI GmbH builders in the production of their expanding home and the EPI save money GmbH offers an absolute pioneer concept that provides maximum potential for identification for indoors at the Ausbauhaus. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the EPI House factory builders can produce the solid wood walls for your dream home in power and reduce construction costs. By own experience building on the Ausbauhaus the Burener EPI House factory is a prefabricated house manufacturer with a nationwide unique business concept. “” Instead of traditionally make the House components without the help of the House of Lords, EPI experience offers the model home for the Ausbauhaus “, informs Franz Peitz CEO we allow EPI GmbH., the builders, to assist us in manufacturing and in his prefabricated house building.” This may sound complicated at first, but it is not the exact look as Peitz promises: we want to present not only the finished House the builders, but give the opportunity to help itself to the Ausbauhaus and as a result, a special experience to receive as well as to reduce costs. Ausbauhaus: Manufacturing in the EPI House Manufactory weather-independent and professionally starts it already after the planning of the development House, the submission of the construction application and the work drawing.

Client and helper spend several work days in the EPI House factory and create the solid wood walls of the Ausbauhaus. Our production facilities enable weather-independent building”Peitz says. As for the EPI Academy of architecture the parts for the Ausbauhaus in large covered and weather-protected production halls are made. This way, you can optimally build the prefabricated house at any time of the year. Following the production of the EPI professionals bring the Ausbauhaus as a kit to the building site, where it immediately continues. Within a few days, client, his aides and the staff of EPI House manufacturing building the Ausbauhaus turnkey.