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Davids Psalm

Jehovah is my shepherd; Nothing I will miss. In meadows of tender grass makes me relax. Beside quiet waters leads me. He restoreth my soul and I will walk along paths of Justice for his name’s sake. Though I walk in the Valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil, because you Estaras with me. Your rod and your staff, they me infuse breath.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You unges my head with oil; My Cup is overflowing. Certainly good and mercy I continue every day of my life, and in the House of Jehovah I will dwell for days without end. This is perhaps the best known and quoted from the Psalms. There are in his words a spiritual tune that love the soul and makes you feel safe and quiet in the presence of the Lord, as the sheep who feel safe by being grazed by their pastor. Here is declared perfect care, this Act of Jesus in grazing his sheep, gobiernando, feeding, healing, and finally, sostenindo everything that a pastor makes his flock to feel healthy and safe.

However, when speaking of the Lord as his pastor, David not was focusing its attention only on the concerns of the land, but especially in the ways of the Justice of the Gospel by which the Lord guides his flock, for love of his own name, since you can not deny himself, and it must be as a faithful pastorwhich makes all things perfectly to care for his sheep. So to be under your care, there is no fear of the Valley of the shadow of death, or of evil whatsoever, because their presence is a guarantee of security and of eternal life for us. His rod and the staff of Government is a consolation to his flock, because we know that being submissive and obedient to his will, we not diverting his presence, we can be sure of finding solace through his holy spirit. Such is the security that we have in our fellowship with our beloved Pastor that we are still in a world surrounded by enemies on all sides, the Lord always prepares table in front of them, with all kinds of provisions that may be necessary, especially the anointing oil which Anoints the head, making that Cup of our lives desbodarse with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places with him.