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This also gives their relationship a better chance of being displayed. Steve Vai has firm opinions on the matter. So why do not more people use Trackback? One reason is that what is possibly the most popular blog system, Blogger does not have Trackback. However, can remedy this with its free service? is a cut and paste away. Many new bloggers do not know what it is and how it differs from commenting. And, of course, the dynamics that are a bit more complex than I stated. However, learn to use Trackback properly, and you do not need to request links to your site anymore. It is more difficult to estimate an exact number of visitors who come as a result of trackback links. But if there was five days a week and was able to get a trackback link to your site three times a week, at the end of the year would be about 150 topical links back to your site, which are more valued by search engines of a typical link trade with an unrelated site.

The highest source of traffic for a blog is through article submission. To begin with, and in turn posts into articles and submitting them to magazines or directories. Look especially for directories that ask for the direct link to the article on your own site, and the entry of the permanent link to the entry on his blog. Make sure the Auto-Discovery tag is in place and that can mean hundreds more prospects, links and subscribers. It’s a shame that this is one of the least used traffic methods for most sites, let alone blogs. Gonzalez has much to offer in this field. In four days, this method generates a little over 1000 visitors. 157 newsletter leads, 98 new feed subscribers, and 206 links to my site. You may not achieve the same results immediately, but the use of these strategies simplestodavia can get more exposure to what we have now.

These are not usually high quality links, as they rarely make sure of anchor text. However, bloggers are citing me using Trackback, sometimes in place of link to the website where you originally found the article. To see this in action, do a search on “Can one really helps Ping Your Blog Get Top Search Engine Rankings”, the title of a paper presented earlier this week. This article was published within a week of it-the results speak for themselves. Many of these sites are not the ones where my articles are normally published. There are, of course, plenty of other ways you can leverage content in your blog or RSS feed to increase traffic to your site. The methods described here may be a little outside the norm, but as you’ll soon find, that’s part of the reason they are so effective.