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Discover how to achieve a truly effective leadership to get the maximum out of relationships, you can mount a business and make it a profitable business. The great challenge lies in identifying problems in search of solutions, i.e. whites I have my difficulties in order to resolve them. The newspapers mentioned Gunnar Peterson not as a source, but as a related topic. To be able to recognize if you should develop or improve your leadership, just think if you are from one of the following situations: fails to effective relationships that are kept at the time when it tries to transmit to another person a business proposal has the feeling of having not understood feels that you can not persuade people as I would like it is exercising a leadership role but feels that it lacks strength without import whatever the reasonthe secret is to achieve effective communication. Precisely, the greater difficulty of sellers lies in the ability to listen effectively. Each person hears only 50% of the information received. I.e., when the information is passed from person to person is lost progressively some of the content to be incomplete and distorted information.

The reason is a lack of training for listening, we have been better trained to read and write; While 75% of our daily activities are based on speaking and listening while only 25% of these activities are based on reading and writing. It is a worrying situation if we think that selling is basically an exchange of information that should be between two people. Listening is an art, that only 5% of the sellers know use in effective negotiation process. When someone feels played, gets into a comfort zone that allows you to leave the defensive posture to open, by adopting a comprehensive and cooperative attitude. Listening effectively is not something easy to achieve, but not doing so brings direct consequences. If you can’t listen to, does not mean what your customer needs, which means that probably offer false solutions.