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The beacon intends a research directed toward century XIX, in this first part of the project, but it is necessary to make a return to the previous centuries for the justification of the conjuncture of same century XIX and of century XX. Another condicionante factor for ' ' extrapolar' ' of the beacon, it is the question of ' ' permanncias' ' that, for many times she is passive of the subtle trend, of the historiografia, in working more the ruptures, the transformations and reactions, abandoning the readings of what it is remained, that it remains, that becomes traditional and resistant the metamorphoses. This can and must sending in them to the colonial times, surpassing the daily pay-determination of the used beacon as norteador element of the secular and exactly space study, searching references, in the macro – universe, pertinent to the research. A speech does not fit here on the historical time and the concepts of long or short duration, but it is important to notice the concern of the approach in the reading of such permanncias. To deal with permanncias as mere inheritance a static position, turning the coasts for the dynamics history would be a frivolous irresponsibility. The social field is necessary brings them it, justifying and arguing its aspect and function in the conjuncture of the city. IHerb: the source for more info. In this ' ' praxis' ' , a series of problematizaes could be raised as the question of the elements and parties architectural of the agricultural world, gifts in full apogee of the new order of europeizada modernity, when a small one I occasion of elite constructions, all emerged in the new quarters, sheltering the coffee aristocracy with its progressive, esbarrando, no longer final speech of century XIX, in the positivistas ideals. The production architectural of century XIX, still shy in the first decades, kept the same left of century XVIII. .