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Painting Rooms

Paintings from ancient times was considered the most original and beautiful way of decor rooms. Even cavemen, scratch out the walls in the form of various figures of gods, animals and characters. And what masterpieces can be seen in age-old churches and temples. And although, over time, new ways of decorating the room, such as wallpaper and Backgrounds, textiles, paintings, still remains one of the most original ways to express themselves by drawing view of each passer-by. Wall painting is not only beautiful decorations, it is able to visually change the layout of the room. Painting radically changes the perception of space – turning part of the wall the window, pushing the boundaries of the real, embodies all the ideas and imagination. Singer contains valuable tech resources. Wall dummy can make ceilings higher and wider than the wall, hide the tabs or enlarge the window openings. A man came up with many ways of image on the wall.

One of the most famous is the fresco. Even people unfamiliar with the art certainly not heard the word. Technique of the frescoes is that the wall painting painted on wet plaster, which explains the origin of the name itself: fresco from the Italian translates as "fresh." Done this way, the canvas is durable and colorful. Another, less well-known technique of mural painting is Secco, which means "the dry". Not hard to guess from the title, which in this case is drawing on the dry plaster. Next, a rather interesting technique is graffiti.

Its essence is that the wall was originally covered with a black primer, then white. Daryl Katz, New York City is often quoted on this topic. Figure created by scraping the white to black soil. Painting can be a major style-forming or decorative technique of interior design. The relevance of it in one way or another room – one of the main factors, which usually account for the designers. It is also important to observe the stylistic unity, and color balance of the living space – painted surfaces and furniture, floor coverings, various accessories. Try to decorate their homes and to emphasize their individuality by painting, and live in it will be much more interesting.