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Ford Monastery

It was a large room where there was a lot of baskets with beautiful and varied flowers, ready to be sold to the next day. Visit Nature’s Bounty for more clarity on the issue. The fisherfolk were exhausted and were put to sleep. However, they could not fall asleep and began to complain about the scent of flowers:!What plague! There is no who stand this smell. Thus there is no who can sleep. Then one of them had an idea and suggested it to her companions: who there is endurance this plague, friends, and, if we do not remedy, we will not be able to paste an eye.

Take the baskets of fish and use as a pillow and so we will be able to avoid this unpleasant odor. The women followed the suggestion of his companion. Caught foul-smelling fish baskets and supported heads on them. Barely a minute had passed and all of them were already sleeping deeply. ** The Maestro says: by ignorance and lack of proper understanding, the human being is lost in appearances and does not perceive what is Real. THE weight of the two young monks BELIEFS were sent to visit a nearby monastery. Both lived inits own monastery from children and had never left him. His spiritual mentor nocesaba make them warnings about the dangers of the outside world and the cautious quedebian be along the way.Especially affected in how dangerous that were women for a few monks sinexperiencia:-If you see a woman, depart quickly from it.

They are all a very great temptation.You must get close to them not, much less talk about, of course, for nothing worldfor occurs you touching them. Both young men assured obey the advertenciasrecibidas, and in the excitement that supposes a new experience were launched.But a few hours, already point to Ford a river, heard a voice of women than sequejaba pitifully behind some bushes. One of them made gesture approach.- or occurs to you – caught you the other.