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SZCZESNY. Saint Tropez

Sunday: February 14, 2010: Saint-Tropez-book presentation Saint Tropez attracted people has always been captivated. That is the beautiful nature, on the sea, on the heady fragrances, light, but above all his special feeling of freedom, love of nature and sensuality. This book sees itself as a snapshot. It shows Saint-Tropez, how it knows no one. The smell to the South view images, awaken longing for sea and, why live the myth of Saint-Tropez. The perspective is deliberately subjectively chosen. Artist, photographer, and authors approach Saint Tropez on emotional way.

“Most importantly, the book is a declaration of love of the artist Stefan Szczesny on his adopted country: Saint Tropez is my home, my longing, my everything”. The book has been realized with a large format, brilliant printing, as well as elaborate design: format: 36.5 cm high and 30 cm wide hardcover in volumes 304 pages, 300 color illustrations each book is numbered and signed and contains an original stone lithograph by Stefan Szczesny. You will also find the DVD Szczesny – Saint-Tropez”in every copy of the book. The book includes texts by: Mario Adorf, Peter Beale and Axel Ganz.

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