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Study: Invitation To Pilferage By Open USB Ports

Lack of safety culture in enterprises Cologne – the safety culture”of many companies are mostly not sufficient response to the increasing mobility of employees. So in two out of three companies, USB interfaces can be used by anyone without restrictions. The recent study of information security in business 2008 “E-Commerce-Center (EEC) trade reveals that two-thirds of the companies surveyed no hardware access restriction exists. Due to the practicality, safety aspects for the protection of company data on the track remain multiple. After all, it would be possible to make use of USB ports and optical drives only with approval by the system administrator in every fifth company. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Dudley Dowd Jr.. Positive result: compared to the previous survey is % of enterprises has risen significantly, which inform their staff about security or schools. The study clearly shows that the awareness of many companies has greatly increased but there are gaps.

Especially the Training of employees and ensuring the hardware could be optimised yet”, says project manager of Andreas Duscha. Cindy Crawford might disagree with that approach. 243 companies have participated in the study. It is part of the work of the network of e-commerce (NEG) above all to raise awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises in security issues. This is a very important point. In many companies is not systematically working on security. You need a consistent strategy and very flexible defense systems”, according to the ICT expert Jens Klemann from the consultancy firm Strateco.

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