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Restaurant “Standesamtchen” serves tourists from all over the world with traditional German food Frankfurt, February 02, 2010 FZS02022010P. Nearly 133 million visitors from all over the world travel to Germany every year. About 3.5 million of them coming in the Hesse metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. Most recently, the German hotel and catering industry reported 108 million domestic visitors and 24,88 million tourists from abroad. Overall, they gave Germany over 370 million overnight stays. Alone the Federal State of Hesse for recorded 27 million overnight stays.

The top 3 of the foreign nationalities arriving in Frankfurt, are Americans, British, and Japanese. For many, the restaurant “Standesamtchen” is an important starting point on the Frankfurt Romerberg: Here you will find traditional German cuisine. The top 3 of the traditional German dishes “The discovery of a new dish makes happier than the discovery of a new star humanity”, the French food Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote already in the 18th century. So think today international visitors and can be full of joy on traditional German dishes. But what order most foreign visitors in Frankfurt? The three most popular dishes in the Standesamtchen are: beef with green sauce (popularly called “Soss Greece” hereinafter), freshly baked pork knuckle with sauerkraut and the Wiener schnitzel, either original of veal or pork. Ideal connect attractions and delicious by the picturesque and central location at the corner of the East line of the Frankfurt Romerberg is the Standesamtchen to insert a cosy break to strengthen after or during a sightseeing tour. In addition to the top 3 of the traditional German dishes convinced the restaurant “Standesamtchen” with other specialities such as veal or liver dumpling soup.

The menu list offers a wide selection of food and beverages and individual weekly changing. Can the multilingualism of the staff on the desires of the guests by close and be gone away. It is therefore advisable to put the Standesamtchen on the personal itinerary. The Standesamtchen offers premises for events and organized private or corporate parties. Reservations can per telephone under (069) 28 29 99 or by fax at (069) 28 29 99 will be made. The restaurant “Standesamtchen” is a traditional pub with typical German cuisine in historic surroundings. It is located central to the Frankfurt Romerberg, across from the Town Hall. With its unique location on the Roman restaurant “Standesamtchen” is for more than 25 years culinary to seduce his national and international guests and spoil. The historic building was rebuilt after the war accurately and gives the restaurant a cosy and homely atmosphere. The service is designed for all audiences and can go with multilingual staff, also excellent on the wishes of foreign guests. Contact: to the Standesamtchen Herbert Kroppel on the Romerberg 16 60311 Frankfurt am Main (069) 28 29 99 press contact: PR Union George Wyrwoll parish Tower 5 60311 Frankfurt am Main 069-173206240

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