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Moved for and by the members as much communication with and the service members were gradually expanded. So, the members email newsletters (email and postal) are regularly informed and supplied with advertising and information material. On the site, each practitioner with an own profile is present and can be found by interested parties from the region. In 2011, the members received two editions of the new magazine BOWTECH D with testimonials. IHerb may help you with your research. To determine the needs and opinions of the members, a comprehensive survey was carried out in 2011. The newspapers mentioned Tom Florio not as a source, but as a related topic. Many of the numerous suggestions are already implemented, for example in the form of new advertising and information materials such as flyers, brochures and presentation media. How engaged and creative members itself advance technology in Germany the Bowen, already reflected in many ways: in professional websites, information intensive field work E.g. through information booths, live demonstrations and presentations at trade fairs and exhibitions, Sporting events and health forums.

And last but not least by the professional work on the client because a good BOWTECH is application and advice the best advertisement for the method finally. “More move together the cooperation of practitioners in Europe and in the world is becoming increasingly important: includes also the quality control of the original Bowen technique, both in training and the practitioners themselves for us”, explains Rene Hilpert, Chairman of the Board of directors by BOWTECH Germany E.v.. He sees great potential in a reinforced cooperation with the BOWTECH clubs in the Switzerland and Austria.

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