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Laraia emphasizes also that all culture possesss a proper logic, that is, not is possible to dislocate logic of data system cultural for another one, in a similar way that a cultural fact apprehends its direction only in the configuration that it is proper, therefore ' ' the coherence of a cultural habit only can be analyzed from the system the one that pertence' ' . Thus, the analysis of one another culture requires a distanciamento of ' ' culture prpria' ' , so that the references of the last one do not serve of criterion for the first ones. To the end of the book, Laraia displays a last point: the culture is dynamic, in way that no society is static? exactly that ritma of change of determined society less is sped up than of others. Would also exist two standards of changes? of the dynamics that if effects from proper cultural system and what it results of the contact with one another culture. This last one is what if of the one of more operating form for the most part of the societies, receiving bigger attention from the Anthropology. To understand the dynamics of a cultural system ' ' it is important to attenuate the shock between generations and to prevent prejudiced behaviors ' '. Finda the reading of this excellent book, notices that it fulfills with louvor the proposal of the author, who is to initiate the interested parties to the study of the culture. The text of Laraia is of simple, accessible language, but nor therefore it leaves of being sophisticated and complete, in function not only of the wealth of examples and citations, but also for approaching some of the questions most significant around problematic on the culture with great effectiveness and sensitivity. Reading recommended not only to the students of Social Sciences, but for any person interested in advancing its knowledge on this object of so rich and complex study, that is the culture.

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