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Shorts In The Snow

Is winter ripe for the coming summer? Now thinking about summer is absurd, like some say. But why? In October can no longer be the harbinger of Christmas out of the way and once Christmas is over, are the Easter Bunny in the shelves of the shops. Each event casts its shadow, why so not even summer? That or something similar must have thought a company from Xanten when she decided to sell garden furniture now in the winter offensive. It seems not so far-fetched now seen at second glance in good garden furniture to invest. The company advertises with the resistance of the material used.

So, the furniture of a UV-resistant plastic netting in the rattan look are made, which is not only weather-resistant, but should be at the same time still heat and frost proof. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta addresses the importance of the matter here. Although the products not for the small purse, it comforts perhaps the idea that not everyone can call his own such pompous, handmade furniture. Fact is, in any case, that one at the sight of the poly rattan furniture in thoughts on warm summer evenings in the circle of family and friends warm to the heart can be. So what speaks against an advertisement about products of summer in the winter? Remains to be seen what manufacturer of ice-cream gives this trend next Eliane Scheider, Augsburg

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