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Religion and Anxiety

What Jesus said in them on the concerns of the world? Jesus is tame and humble of heart. Its pack is light and soft. Its anxiety launches on Jesus all and It will give Its peace to it. It is not by chance that we read in the Sacred Holy Writs the fulfilment that Jesus made: ' ' the peace is with you. ' ' We cannot walk anxious with nothing, before all our petitions are known ahead of God, It is the powerful direcionador and resolver of all the questions of its children and in them guides in our attitudes front to the questions that appear, exactly those that seem not to have solution. Most important it is that let us have a life of proximity with Mr. How? In everything they are our order known ahead of God for a conjunct and suplication with action of favours, that the miracle comes e, many times, we do not obtain to understand nor as it was possible! Therefore, by the human thoughts, it would be complicated and until the barrier if it makes unsurmountable.

' ' You do not walk anxious for thing some; before in everything they are your order ahead known of God for the conjunct and suplication with action of favours; the peace of God, who exceeds the agreement all, will keep to your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.' ' Filipenses 4:6 and 7 What Jesus spoke on the concerns of the world? In the parabola of the semeador in Mateus 13, Jesus explains that the concerns of the world suffocate the word of God who you heard. from there starts the confusion in the words, thoughts, feelings and attitudes, for the reliable loss in the ways Mr. ' ' Here it is that the semeador left semear.' ' Mateus 13:3 b ' ' another one (seed) fell between thorns; the thorns had grown and sufocaram.' ' Mateus 13:7 ' ' what it was sown between the thorns, this is what it hears the word; but the cares of this world and the seduction of the wealth suffocate the word, and it he is infrutfera.' ' Mateus 13:22 Then, what it can taking off in them of this situation of desperation, where pparently does not have exit? Not to be worried about the routine things of the world it is the first step, therefore that is current attitude of who is not son of God, therefore if it leaves to lead for the obstacles and it does not know in the practical o to be able of God acting in its life.

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