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Prince Charles

You can not just jump on the fifth floor. But you can safely climb a step on him by step. Barrier 3. You discuss progress on the other, this is a serious topic. Around full of all sorts of scoundrels who always do something and achieve something. Certainly have to discuss it with the faithful and understanding friend and nailed to the pillory them.

After all, as you can tolerate when someone goes out on dates, buying new clothes are different, totally tasteless dresses and allows himself the outrageous escapades. This was immediately necessary to report all friends and girlfriends: – As you have not heard it today came to the horrible green jacket, and Kirkorov said that in the pink. Or he said about her? No, I’m confused. Let’s start anew. And then the clock is finding someone who then said and what is he after this bastard. And that’s just what concerns close friends. But there is still life politicians and movie stars, top models and down-shifters.

And it does not forget about the life of the royal family. After all, how could the Prince Charles do that? All right, all the rest and always do wrong. Not like you. Just what does their life have to do your dream? Barrier 4. I have no time – Oh, I’m so busy! You have no idea. – A dream? – Dream wait. The dream, of course, wait. But consider this over anything. If you currently do not implement their dreams, then you implement someone else’s. Are you sure you want this? Barrier 5. Brainwashing “soap” products are all kinds of vendors they want their sell. But advertising is not working. And so it was up to until it was found a universal remedy. For a man to believe in advertising, you must first wash his brain. To do this were created, “soap operas”. And now every night millions of unsuspecting buyers in the skull poured a bucket of soapy water and scrub with a mop begin brains. Otdraiv them to a mirror finish, start to gently drip advertising. It absorbs quickly. And the man begins to believe in a straightforward formula: “Buy some crap and you will be happy. Buy a pill and become healthy. Buy ointment, and all women will be yours (oh, you’re a woman, you still smear, then all men will be yours). People get used to this procedure, and obediently sit down every evening for the next series of soapy water. You are sure that the brain enema will help you achieve your dreams? Barrier 6. Not today, all the barriers you dare. And ready to start Implementation of your dreams, but that’s somehow not in the mood, it is unclear what to do and then, why hurry? I will start from Monday, with the first number in the new year with a new millennium, well, not today. And the dream is postponed to indefinitely. No, my dear, all you need to do today. Let the smallest step. Let it be recorded on paper or a phone call. It does not matter. It is important to start moving.

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