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Planters And Flower Pots At EastWest: On In The New Gardening Season!

Cheeky fresh flower pots from the dealer EastWest trading terracotta and zinc? That was yesterday. Rust stains by zinc pots belonging to the past and also heavy clay pots dominate modern materials the new gardening season. And EastWest trading has it all. Larger and more comprehensive than ever before EastWest presents beautiful flower pots and planter in top quality. For example, with a huge selection of planters made of fibreglass: through direct purchase from the manufacturer, customers save up to 50% compared to prices at gardeners.

In addition, EastWest sells many pots that are otherwise difficult to obtain on the market: planting troughs with the mega mass 1, 20 m to 50 m around and cube 60 x 60 cm-80x80cm. Distinctive feature: this unique flower pots the same black, white and grey granite. In addition to new exciting planters made of fiberglass, EastWest trading has also planter rotating plastic in the program made in Italy. Additional information at celebrity trainer supports this article. This is not cheap plastic, but Plastic, elaborately produced in the centrifugal process. The advantage is evident in especially beautiful surfaces and a great robustness in the snow and heat. Not to forget the flower pots and planters from solid Acacia. This hardwood is acid-resistant and virtually indestructible. Or of the classic, Flowerpot from patina: effect by the noble patina and the warm brown this flower pots particularly attractive.

“Customers can also in the new gardening year be sure: EastWest will also continue to offer top quality at favourable prices, true to the motto we bring your plants in the form”. EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and accessories. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality things, which make the hearts of our customers. Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our Customer: the goods are hand-picked and available at the best price. You will find many products exclusively at EastWest trading. Contact: Eastwest-trading GmbH Max-Eyth-Strasse 17 71691 Freiberg near Ludwigsburg Tel: 07141-99 218 15 mobile: 0179-528 45 66

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