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Physiological Rest

Original height when it is the height of the bottom third of the face at the position of the mandible relative physiological rest, which is bigger than an average of 2 mm on the height of central occlusion. Determination of the height of the relative physiological rest performed by spoken samples. Methods for determining the ratio of the neutral jaw finger test, swallowing test; ball test; test 'crowding head back'; sample Kantarovicha (violent). Drawing occlusive roller center line of the aesthetic; Klykova line, smile line. Disadvantages determine central occlusion with wax patterns Firstly, it requires special patient came to definition of central occlusion, because for the manufacture of wax patterns require a model. Secondly, for the manufacture of wax patterns is required and the working time technique.

Third, the wax patterns are often deformed and shifted, which implies that errors in the determination of central occlusion. Determination of central occlusion with simultaneous formation of the individual occlusal curves (method of Shilov-Miroshnichenko) 1.Formirovanie vestibular occlusal surfaces on the rollers. 2.Postroenie prosthetic plane according to the pupil and kamperovskoy lines. 3.Opredelenie height relative physiological rest. 4.Opredelenie sagittal phenomenon Christensen. 5.Formirovanie oklyuzionnyh curves (occlusal grinding rolls for 20 minutes or more, in this case is erased, only the lower occlusal cushion (to a height of central occlusion) as well as the upper occlusal cushion introduced corundum. 5.Skreplenie upper and lower occlusal ridges in the position of central occlusion heated metal straps. Determination of the CH method gipsoblokov by Sidorenko GI 1.Opredelenie height of central occlusion.

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