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Profile loads daily activity these criteria can also be attributed to activities of daily living. Bike ride or walk for shopping can be classified as a jog. For heavy work in the garden repairs, transport boxes and boxes of suitable criteria for power sports. Under the guise of loading understand or activities of daily living or sport. The load may include a predominantly continuous motor elements (dynamic load), or fixed position (static load). In this case, it could be either a constant repetitive (cyclic) or many individual (acyclic) movements. Lu Han may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Type daily activities or sports is the more appropriate, more dynamic in it and / or cyclical components.

Examples of activities of daily living or sports with recurring motor -Elements, can serve as walking, hiking and various sports-related endurance – running, cycling, swimming, skiing, boating. Daily activity or sports in which high static components (static load) and also has a set consisting of acyclic (unique) movements, such as moving objects in a high cupboard peredviganie sofa, chair or other heavy furniture in harvest time, or sports such as gymnastics, various kinds of combat, action games (like tennis, squash), etc., are less suitable. Many sports and daily activities consist of a combination of dynamic and boxes for moving and loading / unloading a truck containing acyclic high power components and few dynamic elements. Heavy bag of shopping to be delivered to the third floor, connected, first place for older patients with significant expenditure of physical effort. This is particularly important when the bags and packages carried the first long, instead of bring them in shopping carts or bag on wheels. This kind of sports like football, is largely made up runs (dynamic, cyclical movement) and a small part of acyclic movements (pass, shot on goal, etc.). Volleyball is, by contrast, almost exclusively from acyclic movements (block, reception ball from below, quenching), while the number of cyclic movements are very small.

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