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Surveyor secure itself against liability risks from involvement in the purchase of works belongs to the classic”tasks of construction experts. Fitness is often quoted as being for or against this. “There is hardly a working in the construction industry experts from the professional groups of architects and engineers, as well as the technical experts, the performance decrease in construction” does not offer. A series of judicially determined liability cases has revealed However considerable deficits in the contractual practice of verifiers. Trigger for potential liability problems were regularly outright missing, incomplete or unclear contractual agreements which by the experts to be rendered or even just not owed acceptance and any other accompanying services. The ARGE Dr. Aurnhammer has developed together with total seven sophisticated performance images that covers the whole range of potential fields of activity of the experts at the completion. So are the experts for their contracting practices and limiting the effective Liability risks in this important field of activity first systematic basis for the description of the performance contents in some cases available.

Also the specifically formulated components of each output image can possibly divergent practice situations also needs be newly collected and combined. The performance pictures for the completion with construction experts have been set in the online database (document No. 4-06-0801).

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