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Pavel Coelho

Catching up on personal growth, I, like many sophisticated people, very quick to decide and announce deadlines my promise or achieve a goal. If I'm not ready to immediately take a decision, then I make a decision in time – to report how much time do I need to make a decision. Absurd? Yes, no how! The uncertainty and confusion, and then possibly hurt or frostbitten – the worst that I can give a person until you make a decision, the Thus, a slowing in development. The fact is that until a man decides he is in a state that does not have to pay a price for every decision paid the price. However, he does not notice that pays the most important in his life, he paid time. And then there is a very clever man ustanovochka – "later" or "later"! But when then? When you decide to give your loved one a gift? Then or now? When you decide to make more money? Then either now? When you decide to be successful? Then or now? Simple questions for which many say: "Now!". However, the different proposals in their lives do not make decisions right now. Here is an absurdity.

It is impossible in its life postpone his fate forever, one day life will make a decision and the price for it would be appropriate. "The most profound change – and the human soul and in society – are taking place in a very short time. The moment when we least expect it, life throws us a challenge to test our courage and our desire for change, and can not make it look as if nothing is happening, or to evade the fact that we are not ready yet. On call must be answered immediately. Life is not looking back.

Week – this time more than enough to decide their own destiny, we accept or not "(c) Pavel Coelho and you can admire these citations to infinity, but for many they remain words. Because sometimes it's better to admire another or others, than to make you admire: your strength, confidence, endurance and stamina. Finally, some advice to you: Take the decision immediately and communicate it to him who waits, If you feel that you have a thing where you did not decide, then immediately set a date, how much time you need to make a decision and tell someone who expects your solution, if you had already decided, tell him who waits on you reshenie.Esli you informed about the decision, tell how long it takes to achieve a result, someone who expects your results. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cindy Crawford and gain more knowledge.. Channel

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