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Panel Ceiling

Suspension system can be closed or open. In closed systems, metal frame completely covered with decorative panels, and open it part remains visible. There are so-called “corridor” system requiring no prior installation of the suspended carcass. They are mounted by fixing the free: the panels are placed on the near-wall corners, forth along the walls of the corridor. The width of the corridor should not exceed 2400 mm. Suspended ceilings on the basis of suspension systems are divided into rack and tape.

Rack ceiling consists of decorative panels (ceiling battens) carrying section (comb), perimetorialnogo profile and adjustable suspension. The ceiling may have a polymeric matte or metallic mirror coating. The panel can be built fixtures. Suspended ceilings There are two types: open and closed. When installing suspended ceilings open between the panels are longitudinal intervals. As a rule, they are filled inserts.

Installation of suspended ceilings are very simple and consists the following stages: At the desired height around the perimeter of the room trim mounted and fixed to the wall in increments not exceeding 600 mm. Universal support rails with hangers fixed to the ceiling parallel to each other at a distance not exceeding 1200 mm. Distance between hangers shall not exceed 1200 mm and the distance from the last suspension to an adjacent wall shall not exceed 400 mm. Ceiling panels snap in carrier bus. Cassette ceiling is made of aluminum or steel panels of different colors (white, chrome, metallic, gold). If special acoustical or ventilation requirements in buildings can be used perforated panels. Skeleton tile ceiling mounted metal profiles, which form a square crate. In each cell a “grid” is inserted into a square plate. Cassette ceiling is a modular design that allows simple and elementary way to mount it on large areas. In the event of injury or damage to one or more cassettes they can be easily replaced without dismantling the suspension system itself. This helps to avoid additional costs for repairs. Suspended ceilings have several advantages: they conceal significant differences in elevation, and communication (wiring, ventilation ducts, etc.) and make it easy to replace individual elements without violating the integrity of the design. Suspended ceilings are best suited for rooms with high ceilings. Ceilings – it’s aesthetic and practical solution that provides convenience operation and safety. In addition, due to the wide choice of materials, textures and colors, these constructions are perfectly suited to any interior.

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