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The above symptoms are already treated as an early stage of the disease, and is an occasion to refer to an orthopedic doctor! In the later stages of diseases of musculoskeletal system occur structural changes in the joints and bones. That is manifested by pain, not only after exercise, but also at rest. Supermodel is often quoted on this topic. At these stages of exercise is not just difficult but also dangerous for your health. Knowledge in the field of sport and physical Culture just needed a modern orthopedic surgeon. But, unfortunately, not all medical centers of St.

Petersburg have with her team of doctors such an important structure. Medical center "OrtoMed" boasts presence orthopaedist in his medical team. It is to him we asked for advice. Since orthopedic surgeon med.tsentra "OrtoMed" Androsenko Oleg says: – "You can not imagine modern without orthopedic physical therapy, massage or physiotherapy. For the treatment of diseases and injuries in sport requires an individual approach to each person taking into account the peculiarities of the musculoskeletal system.

This is achieved consulting orthopaedist, sports medicine doctor and coach. Prevention of cross-flat is to reduce weight and wear comfortable shoes with heels of moderate height. Wear shoes with low heel (no more than 4 cm), and during the day to try to change shoes. It is desirable in the workplace have a replacement pair of more comfortable footwear and light. It is also recommended exercises feet, strengthens muscles and ligaments, but this method in transverse flatfoot is less efficient than in the longitudinal (in the foot not trained muscles responsible for the development of cross-species flat). " It remains only to add to the above: – Flat can not be cured completely, you can only stop the process and reduce its adverse effects on the body, primarily the spine and brain. If discomfort when walking or joint pain should immediately contact the specialized orthopedic centers. With timely diagnosis and complex treatment of flatfoot will not spoil your life diseases of the locomotor system. Dear athletes watch your health and not forget about your feet!

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