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For the young are kept in an educational environment will require delegates accompanying educational, support, suggest, make a bridge, etc. If no such measures enhance care is easier than many young people have special difficulties in the process of social inclusion, so the conflict will worsen further. Since the administration and nonprofit organizations are designed local facilities, programs, etc. that do not work for all young people and those outside precisely those for which sometimes projected. It happens that access to these services who need it least and have ease of joining other more informal resources.

An open center, for example, is an invaluable service to accommodate adolescents in slums, where the presence of an adult entertainer-educator can give ample room for possible actions and projects. The role of teacher will always be to encourage, support the transition process, socialize, contribute to the acquisition of autonomy. Without the need to monitor, protect, provide, protect. . . He knows that young people help community. One could say the same if the recipients are another type of special individuals who go through difficulties. Get where they are required creativity, innovation, skills and techniques that facilitate this approach. Just as there is already contained Street Educator Night ehabitantesu acting between the metropolitan railway, it is necessary to adapt to new circumstances and overcome the idea that the Street Educators limit its scope to the parish or neighborhood. The educator may assume other roles, put on new characters and, without forgetting his role, connecting with those who will be prime objectives of their action.

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