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Networking Activities

What are the best ways to network? On the one hand recommend products and / or services to build a customer base and secondly by inviting others to do the same, and it is your business and revenues are doubled. The new Network General will seek the source of customers and resellers / affiliates to your business in people who already know and those who do not know, either by personal contact or be referred by an acquaintance. That is why it is important to start writing a list of your skills. The form known to a wider circle of family and friends.

They are the people with whom we have shared moments in our lives. Some are going to remember and others will be necessary to review old agendas, phone contacts, etc. Today I want to help you remember everyone you know and for that here you have the following list: Childhood and adolescence: 1. Nature Research can aid you in your search for knowledge. Relatives: parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.. 2. Garden: teachers, children and their parents. 3.

Neighbors and friends parents 4. School: teachers, classmates and their parents, known in other grades. 5. Sports: Coaches, teammates, opposing teams and their parents or relatives. 6. Extracurricular activities (English, music, art school, painting, etc.) Teachers, classmates and their parents. 7. Summer vacation: neighbors, roommates, etc. 8. Tour & Travel: members of tour groups, guides 9. Hospitals: medical staff, residents of Hall 10. Colleagues with whom you shared Hobbies. Youth: 11. Classmates and teachers of gymnastics

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