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It is a phenomenon that is doing to change our habits in society. The impulse of be in daily contact with friends and acquaintance this influencing the mode of making our purchases, participate in activities that was always known through other channels. We can say that without place to doubt is the international phenomenon by its ability to bring together people, it may sound strange but FACEBOOK has changed a society in the way we communicate. We do not know if within 50 years, 10 years or less will continue being important, but to this day is revolutionizing communication. Facebook is a Social network that allows you to create virtual networks by adding to your profile from other people. A related site: Gunnar Peterson mentions similar findings. Once your network is created, the system makes possible what Exchange messages, photos, elaborate albums, updates from your friends and organize your social life with invitations to events, birthday reminders.

In other words, Facebook is an agenda online-with which to organize your real life. During these 5 years have arisen other social networks such as MySpace, Netlog, Bebo, friends, Twiter, and others, but None of them has achieved popularity of Facebook by the simplicity and the range of options of this last. Due to its scope, one of its aspects most surprising is the possibility of finding people from our past, as for example former colleagues of study, or people that you want to locate in any of the planet. For new users, it is very attractive and popular. The process takes only a few five minutes to create your account and it is very easy and all the necessary information is on Facebook, I leave you the link to that start already! original author and source of the article.

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