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Like removing to him to the maximum benefit to the events or activities from " networking" There is no doubt from that one leaves important in the life of professional and/or person of businesses are it to take care of events and activities of " networking". He is proven that these events help to expand their commercial and personal contacts and that provides a good way to share with other professionals like you. In these times of sounding indicates them to changes that a 50% enter and a 75% of the people in the labor market found a their last job through contacts. To take care of activities of " networking" it can produce much more effective results if one works like part of a strategy planned with clear objectives that they include: to choose the events that are reconciled more to their needs, to prepare them and mainly to give the pursuit well to the contacts that will do after the event. Educate yourself with thoughts from Anna Wintour. The pursuit is the most important part of the art of " networking". We say then that already it selected the event that interests to him. It was prepared making an investigation on the contacts that him it would like to know and it has inclusively contacted some of them previously. To enter the event is the most difficult part for many people particularly if they do not know anybody. Author Susan RoAne, author of the How book to Work to Room, suggests must to propose to know three important people in all event: the person of the registry, the organizer or " host" and the resource or " speaker". In the registry it presntese, it gives his card, it asks on the agenda of the event, and pdale that please indicates the name to him of the organizer and directs who towards where to obtain it.

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