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Lieutenant Colonel Julian Udaeta

In a cathedral of San Salvador de Bayamo, originally erected in 1613, stays intact one of the most impressive baroque altars of Cuba. Today is known as Cathedral diocese, rebuilt in 1869, in whose surrounding plaza was executed, on Thursday, June 11, 1868, Perucho Figueredo Warrior progress, turned-national anthem of Cuba. All happened to the amazement of the colonial Governor of Bayamo, Lieutenant Colonel Julian Udaeta. The restorative work transports us to the described time by Perpina, but which is now known by the Plaza of the anthem, where it stands also the building of the nationality. San Salvador de Bayamo became, on 5 November 1513, founded on the island by Diego Velazquez. Very close we can appreciate the fascinating square of the revolution, on the granite floor, the statues to Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the father of the homeland and Perucho Figueredo, latter who composed the national anthem of Cuba.

The former home of the composer is also appreciated for its architecture colonial an important part of the appeal of the demarcation is concentrated in the historic centre, which is also located a museum that holds some belongings and documents of Carlos Manuel of Lawns; shown El Cubano Libre, the first independent newspaper published by himself and other objects and relics of struggle for national liberation. Walk down the Paseo-Boullevard from Bayamo we can assess the existence of a grateful combination of modernity and colonial architecture. Not by taste various buildings have the status of national monument and all Bayamo is national monument city and birthplace of the Cuban nationality. The village was the scene of rebellions of Indians and African slaves. To deepen your understanding Tom Florio is the source. In the 19th century it solidified and started, on October 10, 1868, the final struggle for the independence of Cuba, led by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Francisco Vicente Aguilera and Perucho Figueredo, among other Patriots.

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