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Korea Suwon

In a dispute with the strongest judoists planet at the prestigious tournament, 'Masters' in Korea, the Russians have won six awards – two 'silver' and four 'Bronze' – and with the French a little bit 'diluted' Asian armada of Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Mongols, Uzbeks dominated the team standings. The first tournament of the World Series 'Masters' took place in the industrial heartland of South Korea, Suwon, where the headquarters of a leading Asian electronics company 'Samsung'. The position in the competitions can participate only leaders of the world rankings – in each weight to 16 winners of the best results for the year. And the tournament, conceived as a dispute between the best with the best success. In the Land of the morning freshness (and fresh there was not only in the morning, and not just on the street, but also in the hall 'Suwon gymnasium, where two days was a struggle) teams arrived from 33 countries of the world.

Over 180 participants claimed the award of 14 sets and prize fund of 200,000 dollars. In eventually all were successful had the numerical superiority of the founders of Judo – Japanese (35 athletes) who have 6 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze medals. Russia, represented only in the men's tournament by nine athletes in result was on the seventh line of the team competition. On the first day, all four Russian party made it to the podium. Only injury prevented win 'gold', not 'silver' Alim Gadanovu European medalist (66 kg) from Nalchik, losing in the finals Mongol Miaragchaa.

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