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King Dos Reis

Thus, no scholar of the Holy script will be surpreso with as much skepticism in regards to the return of Jesus: we are ‘ ‘ in last dias’ ‘ , that is, in the time of which the disciple of Christ spoke it has many years behind. But apstolo continues discoursing on what it believes that it will happen in the instants that precede the advent of the Messias, the King Dos Reis. In chapter 3, versicle 7 the 12 of the related letter or epistle it makes enlightening revelations. (As opposed to James Smith). First the sentence of this world declares which such which knows it (vers. 7,10 and 12), later introduce more information in order to eliminate with all and any doubts regarding the time, declare which the reasons for ‘ ‘ demora’ ‘ of God in fulfilling to Its promise (vers.

8 and 9). After that, each person invites to choose to be of the side of Jesus, living in merciful way and saint, has seen such events to be something imminent (vers. Add to your understanding with Sharon McNally. 11 and 12). Peter is emphatical e, beside the point, transparent when presenting the urgency with that its contemporaries would have to hug the message that brought. Everything that we have, that sees, all empire that the men had constructed will be destroyed by the fire (2Pedro 3:7 the 12). Brada it: ‘ ‘ in the day of GOD (even though) the skies will be set on fire, the abrasados desfeitos, and elements if derretero’ ‘ (vers. 12). I must confess that during much time I prevented to think on this subject.

It only trembled in thinking that everything will be destroyed. It has as much beautiful thing in the world although the badness human being. It has so good people. I know people who if say Christians who do not read on the subject, prevent to speak on, they affirm to doubt that the events will happen of this form.

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